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Christopher Nieto

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Thank You!

I want to thank my family. I mean they are the foundation of who I am and I can’t thank them enough for the amount of time, love, energy, and resources to help me succeed. No thanks will ever show my true gratitude to you guys.

What are you most excited about for this upcoming season?

I am excited to be learning from the coaches and established players. My first year I want to be a sponge and learn everything I can in this TLU system, I want to speak TLU soccer when it's all said and done. Of course, I want to compete for a starting job but I know it won't be given because it has to be earned and if I don't start I hope I get to push my teammates because I'm a big believer in iron sharpens iron. Lastly, I'm excited for all the ups and downs, the wins the losses, and the team or individual victories. I mean that's what makes soccer a beautiful game is the emotional roller coaster any season has in store for you. But mostly I'm looking forward to the new bonds I’ll make and contributing in any way I can to be the best team that we can be so we can compete for that trophy.

Why did you choose TLU?

It’s really easy; the small school factor has a unique charm at TLU. The soccer guys are a tight group and from the three times I met them I got the sense that everyone is involved at TLU; from coaches to professors to many students. You just get this sense of a family, especially from the professors it truly seems that they put a lot of energy into their students and let them grow to be successful once they leave TLU.

What do you want to accomplish in your time here at TLU?

On the soccer spectrum of things I want to win an NCAA trophy. I mean it's been a dream of mine to win at the college level, however, I want to finish all my four years at TLU and not only be a force on the field but help out the school and the community in any way I can. I would like to volunteer in any programs to help the community because I think it's important to help bridge TLU and its community, and keep that bond strong for years to come. I'd also like to maybe inspire future bulldogs to either commit to soccer or school since I truly believe TLU is a great fit for students who truly want to grow and succeed once they leave TLU.

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